Island Life Travel

Island Life Travel is a world-class tour operator and travel Consultant Company specialized for Maldives. We are dedicated to providing services to meet the needs of a variety of tour plans. Island Life Travel aim is to serve all of our customers with respect and commitment to give them "the possible best" all the time. Our purpose with each client relationship we form is to become more than just a travel agent; we strive to be viewed as a strategic partner by each and every one of our clients.

As different customer's needs differ from person to person, we try our best to know and understand what the customers want for their ideal trip. Therefore we consider ourselves more as customers so that we would be able to understand and visualize what our customers are satisfied with. Understanding and knowing what the customers want is not enough for us and until we provide the customer their ideal trip we will not consider our duties fulfilled. Hence, we are committed to provide the customer with abundant supply of flexible and feasible plans to choose from for their trips.

Emphasizing on the principle of "view consumer needs through their eyes", gives us a keen insight into their typical needs and challenges. By working closely with our clients, we broaden the scope of our partnership, thus enhancing confidence and trust. To achieve this, we are determined to keep in touch with the client from the point the client enters the website till the vacation is over and furthermore. In fact, we believe that the best reward we could get is to make the customer satisfied and thus all our efforts are dedicated for maximum customer satisfaction and beyond if possible. We have brought together powerful expertise in the fields of Travel & Tourism, Hotels and Marketing, operational excellence. All our staff and partners are specialist with many years of experience, dedicated to provide our valued clients with the most professional and up-to-date information and services.

Maldives Office

Lot 10487, Nirolhu Magu,
Hulhumale' 23000,

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+ 960 9948696

Mumbai Office

B-5, 1st Floor, Sayba Shopping Center,
Newmill Road, Kurla West,
Mumbai, 400070, India

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+91 7700054998

Our Team

We are in the business of delivering happiness and it gives us a clear sense of purpose.

Nausheen Didi

Managing Director

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Mazin Mohamed


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Puneet Gera

Associate Director/Head of Sales

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Priyanka Puri

GM - Business Growth & Alliances

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Sanket Mishra

Associate Director/Head of Sales

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Airport Assistant

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