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The Island of Maldives, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, form a chain of 26 Atolls. Comprising of 1190 coral islands surrounded by mesmerizing reefs and ocean which accommodates more than 2000 species of marine life.

The beginning of Tourism in Maldives

The tourism industry which began in 1972 now boasts over 150 resort each with their own unique features. The introduction of guesthouses in inhabited islands during recent years has opened up a new dimension in the industry.


Country’s population is 500,000 + More than 200,000 people resides in Male City and rest 300,000 are dispersed over 188 island along the length of the country.


Maldives being a 100% Muslim country, Islamic customs are practiced throughout the community.


Dhivehi Language, a native language unique only to the country with various dialects, is the mother tongue of Maldives. Though a vast majority of the country is fluent in English.

Local Cuisine

Due to its geographical settings, the Maldives was an essential port of call for travellers and traders from all over the globe. Maldives cuisine offer a familiarity with many of the dishes from countries in East Asia and East Africa and Arabia. Many of the dishes offer a feel of rich spicy taste of Indian and Sri Lanka.

Telephone Code

+960 is the code used followed by the local number.

Mobile Phones

Upon your arrival in the airport, Prepaid SIM cards are available. Two Mobile Networks are available. Dhiraagu or Ooredoo.


All nationalities receive a 30 day visitor’s visa on arrival. A hotel or resort reservation is essential, and passport valid for 6 months and travel documents (flight tickets) are necessary.


Maldivian Rufiyaa is the currency used in Maldives. The exchange rate is pegged USD 1.00 = MVR 15.52. All major credit cards and currencies are accepted.


Tourism Goods and Service Tax (TGST) of 12 percent is levied on all goods and service at tourist establishments. A Green Tax of USD 6.00 per person per day for guest staying at tourist accommodations except guesthouses where Green Tax is USD 3.00 per person per day.

Travel & Transfer

Speedboat transfers is the norm to resorts around the international airport. The rest is covered by seaplane or by domestic flight. Several flights operate to the 12 domestic airports along the country. Schedule ferries operate from Male’ to many atolls.


Year-round hot tropical climate. There are two monsoons; southwest (hulhagu) monsoon from May to October, and northeast (iruvai) monsoon from November to April. The temperature rarely falls below 25 Degree.


Due to the tropical climate, cotton clothes are recommended. Tourists should respect local culture and dress modestly when visiting or staying on an inhabited island. Sandals are ideal, as you will often want to slip them off and go barefoot.


Import of alcohol is not permitted and is not allowed on inhabited islands. However it is available at all the resorts and liveaboards.

Travel Insurance

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