• 25 April 2023

A 'Coral Propagation' project was started by Fushifaru Maldives, a five-star, boutique resort in the Lhaviyani Atoll, in 2020 with the aim of regenerating their coral reef and contributing to the effort to save the ocean, which has been harmed by plastic pollution and warming ocean temperatures. They have fastened broken corals to various frames that were then positioned on the ocean floor in the pristine lagoon surrounding the island with the assistance of their diving team and in-house marine biologist.

The accomplishment of this project, which has led to the development of numerous coral frames in the lagoon, is proof of the strength of human inventiveness and tenacity in the face of environmental difficulties. The coral frames still offer the perfect conditions for coral growth, and as a result, a new colony is formed. Although the procedure is lengthy, it has been successfully used to regenerate coral reefs.

The frames are now a well-liked attraction for visitors, who can snorkel around them and get up-close views of the corals. Other Maldivian resorts have been inspired by the effort to start comparable programs, which will aid in building a network of wholesome coral reefs throughout the nation.

Their coral regeneration project's success serves as a positive and motivational illustration of what can be accomplished when groups of people work together to safeguard the environment. They have shown that it is feasible to undo the harm done by human activities and restore the beauty and diversity of our seas by adopting a proactive approach to marine conservation.

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