• 04 November 2022

Exploring the natural island of Thilamaafushi was a lovely experience. It was a short seaplane ride away and considering that they opened a little over a year ago they had the best food and incredible hospitality to offer.

The trip began with a site tour and island exploration with Hayu. The island is surrounded by lagoons and marine life, and is situated in a tropical setting with beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. They have a total of 141 villas, six dining establishments and bars. This private island and marine conservation center are home to green and hawksbill turtles, among other marine species.

Moreover, the resort offers art lessons, folklore storytelling, cooking classes, and excursions along natural trails. Guests are able to unwind at the Explore Spa and revitalize themselves at the resort's two infinity pools. At leisure we were able to snorkel and enjoy a private natural sand bank which formed right outside our Overwater Villa which was a unique experience. We ended the day with a special dinner hosted by Mr. Shiham (Sales Manager) at Tabemasu; where we enjoyed authentic Japanese cuisine.

We also had the privilege of meeting Mr. Nilesh Singh (General Manager) during our short stay. They were successful in giving us a wonderful experience, making sure we thoroughly enjoyed every moment and explored what the resort has to offer.

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